Getting Started with InSight One


Tascent™ InSight® One is an advanced biometric system for iris and face enrollment and identification. This device is designed to offer best-of-breed usability and imaging performance with a fast capture speed intended for high throughput applications.


Mounting Configurations

InSight One is available in three different mounting configurations: 1) desktop stand 2) pole / e-Gate 3) VESA. The desktop and pole / e-Gate configuration use the same back ring, while applications requiring a VESA mount uses the VESA-compliant back ring.

NOTE: InSight One VESA mount is designed for use with standard 100 x 100mm VESA mounts. The VESA mount itself is not provided by Tascent.


Mounting the Device

See links below for detailed instructions on how to mount the device based on your configuration:

Mounting Height

Desktop Stand: The desktop stand configuration is designed to work with subjects seated at a counter that is 0.73 m (29 in) high, but can accommodate a range of desktop heights due to the large capture volume.

Pole / e-Gate Mount: The nominal mounting height for standing subjects in the pole / e-Gate mount configuration is 1.34 m (53 in) from the floor to the bottom edge of the device, as shown in the figure below.

VESA Mount: The nominal mounting height for standing subjects in the VESA mount configuration is 1.53 m (60 in) from the floor to the center of the VESA mount, as shown in the figure below.


Powering on the Device

Before powering on the device, please ensure you follow the proper mounting instructions based on your configuration. Insert the DC power adaptor into the device, then plug the power supply into a power outlet. InSight One will power on immediately. 

NOTE: Make sure DC power adaptor is plugged into the InSight One system before plugging the power supply into a power outlet.



After power-on, the system will progress through a boot sequence. When the on-board LCD screen displays a “standby” graphic (default is Tascent logo) and the LED ring displays a blue color, the system has successfully booted.

NOTE: InSight One can be powered down by manually disconnecting external power (e.g. by turning off a surge protector) or by pressing the Systems Power button on the back of the device (see image below).

Data Connection

Insight One provides two options for system control and data I/O: Ethernet and USB. Both I/O connecters are located on the back of the device above the DC power input, and behind the back ring.

  • Ethernet Port is the interface to connect the InSight One to a network.
  • Mini USB Port can be used for a pointto- point connectivity between the InSight One and a host computer.
  • DC Power Port is 24 VDC at 2.75A.
  • Device Configuration (Appliance Manager)

Capture Process Interface

Tascent InSight One's intuitive user interface utilizes the following feedback states during the capture process:

LED Color Device State
Blue ring Standby mode
Dim white light Subject is detected in the capture volume, device is ready to capture
Bright white + blinking brackets Device is acquiring images
Yellow ring Subject is positioned too close or too far and should adjust based on feedback message on the LCD screen
Green ring Iris and face images have been successfully acquired


Best Practices for Optimal Image Capture

Before capturing:

  1. Ensure there is no one else in the capture zone
  2. Ask subject to remove eyeglasses or patterned contacts
  3. Ensure subject is positioned between 0.5 – 1.0m away from the device

During capture, ensure subject:

  1. Is facing the device
  2. Remains still 

For Capture Specifications, go here

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