User Feedback Configuration (UFC)

1. Getting Started

The User Feedback Configuration feature is part of the Tascent C++ SDK for InSight One. Click here to download the SDK files required.

  1. Run the CppSdkDemoApp.exe
  2. Click the Refresh button on application home screen
  3. Double-click a device from the device list to connect
  4. Type your username and password and click LogIn (Figure 1)


Figure 1. LogIn with Username and Password


2. User Feedback Configuration – Management tab

Figure 2. (Section 1) UFC management window (Section 2) User defined UFCs window 

2.1 Refreshing the page

  1. To retrieve information about the UFC configuration from the device, click the Refresh button. Each time this button is clicked, the current configuration is being retrieved from the device.

Upon refresh, the System States table, User defined UFCs table, and occupied storage space will be updated (Figure 2). Each of the System States includes a Name, Description, and associated UFC (Figure 3).


Figure 3. UFC Management tab showing System States with UFCs assigned.


Figure 4. Assigning a UFC to a System State

2.2 Assigning a UFC to a System State

Each System State has a UFC assigned by default. The assigned UFC can be changed by clicking on the drop-down menu next to a System State, and selecting a different UFC from the available list (Figure 4). This change is recorded on the connected device automatically.

2.3 Resetting the System States to default

To reset the System States to the original UFC assignments:

  1. Click the Reset System States to default button.
  2. Click the Refresh button to confirm that the System States have been reset back to the defaults.

2.4 Managing User Defined UFCs

To delete a User Defined UFC:

  1. Click the Delete button located to the right of the description field (Figure 3, Button 1).

To display a User Defined UFC on the device:

  1. Click the Display on device button located to the right of the Delete button (Figure 3, Button 2).

Creating a User Defined UFC takes place on the User Feedback Configuration – Editor tab (described in section 3 below).

3. User Feedback Configuration – Editor tab

Figure 5. UFC Editor tab


3.1 Creating a User Defined UFC

To create a User Defined UFC:

  1. Type a unique UFC name in the Name field (Figure 5, Field 1). The Name field value has to be different than any existing System UFC or other User Defined UFC.
  2. Type a description for the UFC (Figure 5, Field 2).
  3. Select an LED Ring color by clicking the Pick… button. A Select Color window appears (Figure 6).

Figure 6. Select Color window


  1. Select the desired color using the available controls and click the OK button.
  2. Select the desired LED Ring behavior using the drop down menu (Figure 5, Field 4).
  3. Select a resource to be displayed on device LCD by clicking the Pick… button. The device supports three types of resources:
    1. Images in PNG or JPG format, with a recommended resolution of 800x480. Images not 800x480 are scaled and may appear distorted
    2. Animations in GIF format (recommended resolution same as above)
    3. Videos
      1. Recommended container is mp4
      2. Recommended codec is MPEG4-video
      3. Video file must not contain any audio streams
  4. Once a resource file has been chosen, click the Upload to device button. The status bar at the bottom of the window or Logs tab show the upload progress.

Figure 7. Fully configured UFC

3.2 Non-persistent UFC Display

To display a UFC without saving it on a device, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow Steps 3-5 from section 3.1.
  2. For Step 6, select a resource to be displayed on device LCD.
    1. Note: only images are supported for non-persistent UFCs. Animations and videos are not supported.
  3. Click the Show on device button. The UFC immediately displays on the device, if the device is in the Ready.Standby state.


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