Tascent MX FAQs

What modalities does the MX support?

The MX provides a multimodal biometric mobile platform that supports high-quality fingerprint, iris, and, face.

Fingerprint Capture

MX uses Integrated Biometrics’ Sherlock fingerprint sensor for FBI Appendix F-certified FAP45 fingerprint capture, enabling single or dual print capture as well as rolled fingerprint collection.

Iris Capture

MX uses Tascent’s proprietary near-IR camera system for simultaneous dual eye iris capture, with full functionality even in bright sunlight. Captured images meets NIST IDQT level II standards for format and image quality.

Face Capture

MX and the Tascent Mobile App use the Android Phone’s 8MP auto-focus camera for face capture. Captured images meet or exceed ISO 19794-5 and 29794-5 standards for format and image quality.


MX and the Tascent Mobile App offer manual entry of data and integrated MRZ (machine-readable zone) scanning to read ICAO-compliant MRZ information from passports, visas, national ID cards, and other travel documents. Biographic fields can be customized according to application needs.

Can it be used with any Android phone?

The Tascent MX is currently only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and S10 phones.

Can it be used with iPhone?

MX is Android-only.

What are the dimensions and how much does it weigh?

The MX is 5.1” (131mm) x 2.75” (70mm) x 1.54” (39mm) and weighs 8.2oz (230g).

Is the MX waterproof?

The MX is IP65-certified, meaning that the device can operate effectively in wet and dusty conditions, but cannot be submerged in water.

How long does the battery last?

The MX has a 2500mAh battery for more than eight hours of continuous capture.

Does iris and face capture work in any lighting condition?

MX and the Tascent Mobile app integrate multiple technologies to support a very wide range of operating conditions. In addition to normal lighting, the device includes a “Torch mode” that supports functionality in complete darkness and offers advanced technologies that will capture biometrics even in the presence of bright sunlight. Note that in brightly sunlit conditions, user response may limit biometric performance due to squinted eyes and / or extremely small pupils.

I won’t need iris capture. Is there a fingerprint-only version?

Please refer to the Tascent M1 for our fingerprint-only mobile device option.

Are the biometrics standards-compliant?

Yes, all biometrics captured by MX are standards compliant. Fingerprints are FBI Appendix F FAP45-certified. Face images meet or exceed ISO 19794-5 / 29794-5 standards for format and image quality. Iris images meet NIST IDQT level II standards for format and image quality.

How is data sent to databases for matching?

The Tascent Mobile App encrypts the biometric data on the phone and all biometric data is encrypted in transport to the receiving back end. Data is typically communicated via the NIST-supported OASIS BIAS standard for REST-based web services.

Does it have to be connected a network to work properly?

No. If used in an environment that relies specifically on backend matching, the Tascent Mobile App will cache messages if there is no network connectivity and send upon re-establishment of the connection. In addition, the Tascent Mobile App supports onboard iris and fingerprint matching for up to 100K records for disconnected environments where biometric matching is required.

Do I have to use the Tascent Mobile app or can I create my own?

Our platform is completely open architecture so you can customize your own app using the Tascent Mobile SDK. Tascent is also pleased to offer professional services for app customization in cases where a partner does not have Android development expertise, or it is otherwise more efficient for Tascent’s app experts to perform the customization work.

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